The Face Shop Calendula Essential Moisture Cream [Review]

Product: The Face Shop Calendula Essential Moisture Cream

Price: INR 1320 for 50ml

About the product: The Face Shop Calendula Essential Moisture Cream containing calendula extracts intensely hydrates and nourishes skin. The botanical complex formula quickly replenishes skin with moisture to relive dry, rough or sensitive skin. It also regulates the oil secretion of the skin and is suitable for all skin types. Apart from that, it also suits dry skin, skin with acne scars and sensitive skin.

Packaging: This cream comes packaged in a thick, frosted glass tub with a golden lid. I really like the packaging, looks very pretty and feels nice. Once you open the lid, there’s another protective lid which is great. The name and the details of the product are mentioned on the tub itself at the front and the back. I simply love the packaging.

Texture of the product: The texture of this cream is creamy yet lightweight. It’s neither too thick nor too thin. The texture is perfect for people looking for a product that has a creamy and rich texture, yet doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It absorbs into the skin within seconds and keeps your skin moisturised for long.

Features of the product: This cream instantly moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin. Packed with 10% calendula extract it gives you a dewy, moist effect. It also contains a complex of 6 major herbs i.e. chamomile, cornflower, rooibos, lily, sage, and borage. This also has hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that has excellent moisture absorption capability. Hyaluronic acid gives skin cells the moisture it needs in order to intensify membrane and improve elasticity.

Effects & Experience: The review for this one was long overdue, but here it is now. I’ve had this jar for a while and have completely used it and I can finally tell you my honest review about this product.
Firstly, I like the packaging, it is simple yet looks pretty. The Face Shop has an entire range on ‘Calendula’ products which has a toner, serum, emulsion etc. I wanted to try out their moisture cream so I bought one and tried it out for myself.
To start with, it’s a lightweight cream which absorbs into your skin within seconds upon application and instantly makes you feel moisturised without leaving any oiliness behind. It definitely feels hydrating and refreshing on skin as you apply it. It does not irritate sensitive skin too. Great for all skin types, surely. But if you’re an oily skin type, this might suit you better in winters, as it can be slightly heavy for oily skin. It has a pleasant fragrance too, not too strong though. I did not see any major difference on my skin, it does not claim anything of that sort too, so that is not a complain. It does make your skin feel well-nourished and moisturised and that is what it claims to do. It is a good everyday day cream which gives you hydration and nourishment. Great for applying before makeup as well.

Suitable for all skin types
Lightweight formula that instantly absorbs into the skin
Keeps your skin moisturised all day long
It also has hyaluronic acid which helps in hydration
Makes your skin well-nourished


Conclusion: I have used the entire jar of The Face Shop Calendula Moisture Cream and I liked how it made my skin feel nourished and hydrated throughout the day. It makes your skin feel fresh and moisturized. It is a great cream to use during winters as it gives your skin all the moisture that it needs. Suitable for all skin types, and instantly gets absorbed into the skin without making your skin feel super greasy. Overall, I feel it is a good day cream for every day, gives you all the hydration and keeps your skin soft and supple.
I recommend The Face Shop Calendula Moisture Cream, if you’re looking for an everyday lightweight yet hydrating day cream for your skin that keeps your skin hydrated all day long!

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  1. Wow, I didn't know the face shop had calendula cream in their offer - I guess once Kbeauty stores will start to ship again I might want to try some TFS products :)

    1. Hey there :) They have an entire range of calendula products, this cream is one of them and I did like it a lot. Do try it for yourself, TFS products hardly disappoints, I am sure you do share the same view.


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