Besan & Haldi Ubtan for Radiant Skin - DIY at home Face Mask

Gram flour or Besan which is chickpea flour is a popular and a versatile ingredient found across all Indian kitchens, but as we know that it has great skin brightening properties and can be used for multiple beauty & skincare remedies. Another ingredient which is Haldi (Turmeric) that is easily found in every kitchen has great anti-inflammatory properties. And Besan and Haldi combined together is ages old face pack which targets a lot of skin concerns at once. These two ingredients together is one of the most easiest, accessible and has the most effective results on the skin. I am sure a lot of us are aware about these face packs, but nowadays, with all these numerous ready made products, ready made face packs and face masks available in the market, we do tend to forget these easy and equally effective DIY remedies that does no harm whatsoever. So let’s read about these ingredients and how to make it.

How Besan (Gram flour) helps: 
• Besan has alkalizing properties and was traditionally used as a cleanser to maintain the pH of the skin.
• Helps in removing dirt and toxins from the skin.
• Helps to absorb and remove excess oil from the face, without drying out the skin. It regulates the moisture and keeps it moisturized.
• Helps in exfoliating dead skin.
• Has anti-inflammatory properties.
• Helps in making the skin glow.
• Helps in de-tanning as well.

How Haldi (Turmeric) helps:
• Haldi has great anti-inflammatory properties.
• Helps in giving the skin a natural glow.
• Helps in fighting off acne as it is a natural antiseptic.
• Helps in protecting the skin against sun damage.
• Helps to soothe and calm skin.
• Helps in treating dry skin.

How Milk helps: 
Milk is natural cleanser for skin.
Helps in treating dry and flaky skin.
Helps in nourishing and moisturizing the skin.
Helps in exfoliating dead skin cells.
Helps in soothing sun burnt and inflamed skin.
Helps in making your skin glow.
Helps in de-tanning.

• 1 tbsp. Besan (Gram flour)
• A pinch of Haldi (Turmeric) powder
• 1 and ½ tbsp. Milk

• Take a tablespoon of besan in a bowl.
• Add a pinch of haldi in it.
• Make a paste by adding 1 and ½ tablespoon milk.
• Apply an even layer of this paste on your face and neck and leave it for 10-12 minutes, till it dries.
• Rinse it off with cold water.

As soon you as wash this face pack off, you can instantly feel your skin has become smoother and soft. It exfoliates all the dead skin, and gives radiance to your skin. Your face looks brightened and radiant, and also works as a natural remedy for your skin concerns. Anyone can try this face pack, women as well as men.

Apply this face mask once or twice a week for good results.

• The paste should not be too thick or too runny, add more besan if your paste is too runny, or add a dash of milk more if it’s too thick.
• Do not add too much turmeric, just a pinch of turmeric is more than enough.
• This face mask is suitable for all skin types but it is always better to do a patch test before applying anything on your face. So do a patch test to make sure you’re not allergic to any ingredient.
• Do not use this face mask on a daily basis, if you have dry to normal skin, as it has a tendency to dry out the skin a bit.
• This face mask is suitable for all skin types, great for oily skin, sensitive, and acne prone skin type. People with very dry skin type can use this as well, just make sure to moisturize your skin really well after this face mask.