M.A.C Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara – Black [Review]

Product: M.A.C Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara – Black

Price: INR 2,200 for 9gm

About the Mascara: A two-in-one mascara in an intense carbon black color. Creamy, velvety, flexible, lightweight formula that sweeps up lashes and coats from root to tip. The dual-wiper system customizes your lash style for a naturally defined or powerfully dramatic look. Pulling the wand through the small orifice adds definition, while pulling it through the large orifice allows you to add volume. This mascara is super convenient and works for every occasion. It’s truly one for all.

How to Use: Sweep the wand from the base of the lashes to the tips, and coat them with mascara for defined and thicker lashes.

Packaging: Coming to the packaging of this mascara which is pretty interesting because of its dual-wiper system. This mascara comes packaged in glossy black tube with its logo and name written on the tube. Now this mascaras has two screw-on caps which are placed one over another on a single tube. Once you open the glittery purple cap, you see the wand which gives you more volume and drama, the wands holds a lot of product for a thicker application. Now on top of the purple, there’s a hot pink cap. When you open the pink cap, you see the wand with less product which gives you more of a subtle, daytime natural application as it removes the excess product from the wand. So, it basically has only one single wand but when you open the pink cap, the wand goes through an inner tube which removes the excess product that gives your lashes a curled and defined look.

Features & Application: Now the highlight and the key feature of this mascara is this dual-wiper system which pulls the wand through a smaller and a larger tube, which gives you a dual function in one mascara. You can go for either wand depending upon the look you want. If you’re going for dramatic, thicker lashes, then you need to pull the wand from the purple cap, and if you want your lashes to look very natural and separated, then you need to pull the wand through the pink cap which removes the excess product through the inner tube.
The mascara is also safe for contact lens wearers. The purple thicker wand really helps in giving the lashes that dense volume. And the pink wand gives such a separated yet defined lashes. This mascara also comes in a waterproof variant, and in a brown shade.

Effects & My Experience: Now I got this mascara a while ago and I really love this mascara. I love how it has this dual-wiper system for two different looks. Personally, I mostly use and love the pink wand as it gives such a natural, yet curled, defined and lifted lashes. It just feels like your natural lashes, but better and more defined. I also use the purple end when I’m going to a party or a function and I want my lashes to look very dramatic, voluminous and dense. Sometimes I also start by using the purple wand and then following it up with the pink wand to remove the excess product and to get the dense yet not over-the-top lashes. It takes 2-3 minutes to dry down and doesn’t smudge easily after that. Also, it is pretty long wearing.
The formula is lightweight, it doesn’t weigh your lashes down. But the thick purple wand loads a lot of product which sometimes can get clumpy if you’re a beginner or doesn’t really have a hang of using dense mascaras, so just make sure to wipe off the extra product before coating your lashes with the purple one, as the wand is designed majorly for giving volume and not length, so it naturally loads a lot of product. Also, this one’s not waterproof so it’s not a task to take it off. I generally like the non-waterproof ones as taking the waterproof mascaras is a task I truly dread. But I do have waterproof ones as well, just in case!

Has dual-wipe system
Innovative packaging
Ophthalmologist tested
Long wearing
Safe for contact lenses wearers
Defines and curls the lashes well
Gives volume to the lashes
Doesn’t smudge easily

A bit expensive if you’re on a budget and don’t want to splurge.

Conclusion: Overall, I really like this mascara majorly for its dual system. I get to use two different kinds of mascaras for different lashes in one mascara which is great. And both, the thicker and thinner wand works amazing. The thick one gives really dense volume to your lashes if you coat your lashes well, just make sure to wipe off the extra product in the tube itself as it can get a bit clumpy at first. Since it is a lightweight and buildable formulation, you can build it up later depending upon the kind of volume and drama you’re going for. Or you can use the thinner wand right after using the thicker one to balance it out, it gives volume yet makes your lashes look separated. And the thinner wand is personally my favorite as it makes my lashes look so defined yet add length and separates them beautifully. Also, I really like the glittery purple, hot pink and black packaging.
I totally recommend M.A.C’s Haute & Naughty Lash, if you’re looking for a mascara that works as a two-in-one and does a good job in both ways.

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