L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask Detoxify [Review]

Product Name: L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask Detoxify

Product Description: The latest skincare innovation combines natural mineral clays and botanical extracts to offer powerful benefits. L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask Detoxify is formulated with Montmorillonite Clay and Japanese Active Charcoal to absorb environmental toxins and dissolve impurities.

Packaging: The product comes packaged in a transparent glass jar with metallic green coloured cap, which looks nice. It also comes with an inside lid. The details of the products are mentioned on the jar. I like the packaging, it feels nice and heavy.

Price: Rs. 750 for 50 gm
How to use: Apply an even layer on cleansed skin. Leave the mask for 10-15 minutes and wash it off.

Contents & Feature of the Product: This mask is a detoxifying mask because of the contents in it. It has Montmorillonite Clay which is infused with Japanese Active Charcoal which acts like a magnet in drawing out impurities, toxins and dirt from the skin. It claims to detoxify the dull skin and helps in clearing the dirt and impurities in your skin.

Texture: The texture of the mask is thick and moussey which glides on the skin like a cream. You don’t need a lot of it to cover your entire face. A little bit of it is enough to spread and cover your entire face and neck. It gives a slight cooling sensation upon application. The mask is grey-ish black in colour because of the charcoal in it. It also has a strong charcoal-ish smell, which I find a bit over powering but after a couple of uses, I got used to the smell so that's alright now.

Effects & My Experience: So I got this clay mask for myself to keep my skin clear from all the dirt and toxins that are there. I’ve almost emptied the jar, only a little bit of product is left, maybe for 2-3 uses more. I’ve used it enough and can share my experience with this mask now.
So I use this mask once in a while when I feel that my skin needs some detoxification and is feeling dull and lifeless. I apply it evenly on my face and leave for good 15 minutes and wash it off. It does make my skin feel radiant and smooth. I also feel that it mildly exfoliates the skin too. It does attract the dirt and makes your skin feel and look clearer.
Upon application, it gives a slight cooling sensation. But what I like about this mask is that does not irritate my sensitive skin. Also, it doesn’t leave my skin dry after rinsing it off. My skin feels fresh and clean after using this mask. Also, I like how easy it is to apply, it glides on the skin so easily.


Detoxifies your skin instantly
The texture is great, spreads easily
Easy to wash it off
Makes your skin feel radiant and fresh
Works for all skin types
Great for oily skin type
Has charcoal which attracts dirt and impurities
Doesn’t make your skin feel dry or stretchy
Will last you for months
You only need a little bit of it for your entire face



Conclusion: L’Oreal has come up with a range of masks that targets certain skin issues and helps in the same. This one is meant for skin detoxification as it has Japanese active charcoal which helps in attracting dirt and unclogging pores. This mask is good for all skin types, doesn’t irritate sensitive skin, great for oily skin type. It makes your skin feel fresh and clean. I use it every time I feel my skin is looking dull. Also, I like how it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and stretchy, instead it makes my skin feel smooth.
It is a good clay mask if you’re always on the go and need something that instantly makes your skin look clean and fresh. It’s super easy to apply, glides on the skin so well. I totally recommend L’Oreal’s Pure Clay Mask in Detoxify, if you’re looking for an instant detox mask that clears out dirt and impurities from your skin.

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