Etude House - Dear Darling Tint [Review]

Product: Etude House – Dear Darling Tint – PK004

What is it: Vivid high colour tints full of moisture. The high hydration level spreads the colour evenly over the lips so the tint lasts longer with a single application. Soap berry extract containing abundant minerals and vitamins creates nourishing and refreshing natural luscious lip makeup.

Packaging: Now how adorable is the packaging of this tint! This tint comes in an ice cream shaped packaging, with an ice cream’s stick shaped cap, which is also its applicator. The body of the bottle is clear which makes it easier to see the colour of the product from outside. I truly love the packaging, it is super cute!

Price: Rs. 450

Contents & Features of the product: Etude House’s Dear Darling Water Gel Tints have a super lightweight formula that feels like nothing on the lips & cheek. These come in different shades and tones of red and pink. This tint is hydrating and makes you look naturally flushed and refreshed which is what I love about it. Since Etude House is a Korean brand, Korean products focuses on the skin and make up looking as natural as possible. These have soap berry extracts and vitamins which makes the formula super nourishing for lips and cheeks as well. Also, this tint has a fruity-grape smell which makes you feel like a kid.

How to use: Use the tip to gather and apply the tint. Apply extra layer for added coverage.

Effects & My Experience: So I recently got this Etude House’s Dear Darling Tint in the shade PK004 which is a mauve-ish pink and oh my my, how I love this tint! Honestly I bought it for its Popsicle packaging, I love how adorable it looks! Now coming back to my experience with this product, I simply love this tint and I might get this in other shades too.
It’s a really lightweight tint which gives you such a natural flush on the cheeks and lips. Honestly, I use it on my cheeks more than I use it on my lips. I love this tint on my cheeks, looks really natural and gives a glossy sheen which I really like. Also, it gives a slight cooling sensation upon application. This tint blends so easily and looks amazing. The staying power of this tint is decent. It stays on my cheek for 4-5 hours maximum, on lips it stays less than that. Maybe the other darker shades stays more and leave a stain behind on the lips, this shade doesn’t stain. Sometimes I top this off with a powder blush if I want it to last longer on the cheek. Otherwise, it is a decent tint to have, good for everyday use, looks lovely on the cheeks and on the lips.

Lightweight formula
Stays put on the cheeks for decent 4-5 hours, on the lips it stays not more than 2-3 hours
Feels hydrating and nourishing
Gives a clear glossy sheen on the cheeks
Looks super natural on the cheeks
Adorable, convenient and travel-friendly packaging

Not super long lasting majorly due to its sheer and glossy properties.

Conclusion: I really love this lip tint and I might get this in other shades too. I love how convenient it is to use. This tint blends in seconds and instantly makes you look so fresh and naturally flushed. These tints are ideal for every day wear as they provide moisture, comfort and the color. The good thing is that these tint does not emphasize any texture on the cheek and the lips. The tint instantly hugs the lips and cheek without being sticky or drying.
I’m a sucker for cute packaging so I had to get this. These are an all-rounder easy lip tints for everyday wear which glides on effortlessly. These don’t last very long so you will need to re-apply this throughout if you’re just wearing this on the lips. Other than that, I really enjoy using it and I recommend these lip tints if you’re looking for an everyday and comfortable lip and cheek tint.

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