[Review] M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix+ - Original

·         Product Name: M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix+

·         What it is: M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix+ is a lightweight watery mist with a blend of minerals and vitamins, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber to gently soothe and refresh the skin.

·         Packaging & Price: The product comes packaged in a transparent and sturdy plastic bottle, and almost looks like water filled in it. It comes with a lockable spray nozzle on top of it. The packaging is super travel-friendly as the spray pump nozzle can be locked and unlocked. This product also comes in smaller sizes which are very easy to carry around.

The product comes in two sizes and is priced accordingly.
·       100 ml for Rs. 1800
·         30 ml for Rs. 1200
Contents & Features of the product: So firstly, this product is not exactly what the name suggests, the name “Fix Plus” can be a little confusing for a lot of us, and to be honest I was confused too with when to use this product. So, this product is not designed particularly for “setting” your makeup in place. This product is a part of M.A.C’s prep and prime range, which essentially focuses towards prepping your skin before makeup. But this product is one of the most versatile products as this is used for various purposes while doing makeup, apart from prepping the skin.
This product is packed with hydrating minerals, cucumber, green tea and a lot more which gives a very illuminating finish to the skin and helps in achieving a good skin or a base for the makeup. This variant is original one, M.A.C has also launched a number of other variants with added fragrance like cucumber, coconut, rose, pineapple etc. It also comes in matte finish and in a shimmer finish variant. 

How to use: Hold the bottle 12 inches away from your face and spray evenly.

Texture: The texture of this product is super light. It does take a couple of minutes to absorb into skin and that’s alright with me, as it does not have any alcohol in it. Also, it has a very light cucumber-y scent which also goes away in a few seconds upon spraying. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all. I really like how it gives a sheer shine to my face upon spraying before makeup. I sometimes spray it after applying makeup, if I feel my face looks powdery. It really helps in melting the powders and binding the makeup together. This product can be used in multiple ways, I’m listing down a few of them below:

Ø  As a hydrating primer to prep your skin before applying makeup.
Ø  As a light makeup finishing spray to melt away the powders and to have a dewy finish.
Ø  To moisten your makeup brushes for powder products to intensify their pigmentation, eg. Eye shadows, highlighters etc.
Ø  You can spray your beauty blender with this and blend your makeup, gives a very natural finish
Ø  As an instant hydrating mist to refresh yourself or your makeup throughout the day.

Effects & My Experience: Now coming to my experience with this product, I’ve been using this spray for more than a year. This is my absolute go-to product for prepping my skin before applying makeup. This gives me such a dewy and flawless base to apply my makeup. My foundation and concealer gets so easy to work with when I spray it all over before applying them. I also spray it after finishing my makeup at times, to melt away the powders and to bind the entire makeup together. I love how it instantly melts everything and gives such a blended finish to my makeup. Also, it somewhere helps in longevity of the makeup too, but it is NOT a proper setting spray, if you’re looking for a setting spray to keep your makeup put through the entire day or night. This works as an amazing primer and as a light mist to melt away everything and blend the makeup together. Apart from that, this can also be used to intensify the pigments of your eye shadows and highlighters. Just spray your makeup brush with this and pick up the product, it doubles the intensity of the colors. It is a very multi usage kind of a product and I love it.
M.A.C has also launched their prep + prime fix+ in different variants with matte and shimmer finishes. They also have variants with different flavors like cucumber, pineapple, rose, peony etc. You can check them out as well.         

·       Helps in nourishing and prepping the skin before makeup
·       Great product for dry skin type
·       Dermatologist tested and non-acnegenic  
·       Multi-tasking product
·       Nozzle gives beautiful fine mist
·       Sturdy and travel-friendly packaging, comes with lockable nozzle
·       Comes in good quantity, lasts you for months
·       Made with good ingredients
·       Gives a dewy and natural finish, when sprayed upon after makeup

·       Not vegan
·       Not that suitable for oily skin type
·       The name “Fix+” can be confusing and people might buy it thinking of it as a proper setting spray

Conclusion: I really like this product for how versatile it is. It can be used in multiple ways and works great in every way. For me having a nice makeup base is very important, and this product helps me in achieving that. It gives me a dewy finish while I apply my foundation which I really like. It helps in blending the makeup super easily. I sometimes like to spray it after I finish my makeup to melt the powders and to have the natural dewy look. It might seem a pricey product but it lasts you for months and it is a good product to invest in, if you want a good product to prep your skin with, before going in with a full face of makeup. If you’re a dry skin type, it is an amazing purchase. If you’re an oily skin type, they do have a matte finish variant as well, you can try that one out. This is a classic M.A.C all-time favourite product and is a good purchase, if you like to have a prepped and dewy skin for a flawless base.

You can buy this product from the link/picture given below