[Review] Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color

Product: Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color

Price: Rs. 625

Lakme has been one of the most trusted and used brand for Indian women from a really long time. And just like the other brands, Lakme has also expanded their range and varieties of their products in the market. Their 9 to 5 range has been one of their most popular ranges since years, especially among working women.

About the lipstick: This lip and cheek color is a versatile product which can be used on lips to give a powdery matte finish to them, as well as on cheeks to give a soft blush. They are available in 10 intense and vibrant shades designed for both lip and cheeks.

Packaging: These lipsticks comes packaged in dusky rose tubes with metallic rose screw on cap with a petal shaped applicator attached to it. The tube is lightweight and travel friendly. The only drawback of the packaging is that all the tubes look the same, irrespective of the shade, which can be confusing if you own more than one or a couple of tubes from this range.

Texture: As the name suggests, these lipsticks have a very soft, velvety and mousse like texture. The lipsticks feel super lightweight and comfortable on the lips. The texture feels like whipped cream that blends very easily on the lips, as well as on the cheeks and settles dry and matte. Just make sure that your lips are well moisturized and exfoliated before applying these, as these lipstick can highlight your dry lips, if your lips are very dry and flaky. Also, love the smell. These lipsticks smell like vanilla & butterscotch ice cream to me. Delicious smell.

Pigmentation: These lipsticks are intensely pigmented. A single swipe alone deposits a rich and velvety layer on the lips. You will not feel the need to build these up on your lips. In fact, I like toning them down a bit using my fingers. The pigment on the cheek is good as well, you can use your fingers to blend it on the cheeks, looks beautiful. 2-3 dots on the cheeks are enough as these are really pigmented.

Shades: Now these lipsticks come in 10 shades and I’ve got 3 of them with me. So, I will talk about the three shades that I own.

(From top to bottom: Rose Touch, Crimson Silk & Rouge Satin)

Shade name - Rose Touch: This shade is a beautiful cool – toned mauve and plum shade with purple undertones to it. It is a very sophisticated everyday kind of shade, which can be worn to work or when you’ve done really glam eyes, and want to go soft on the lips, this is the shade to go for. Also, it looks nice on the cheeks as well. This is my favorite out of all three shades.

Shade name – Crimson Silk: This shade is a cool – toned red shade. This is one of those shade which will instantly brighten up your entire face. This looks very beautiful on the cheeks as well, but make sure to apply 1-2 dots first and blend it, and then you may build it up further accordingly, as these lipsticks are very pigmented.

Shade name – Rouge Satin: This shade is coral-y orange shade with bright red undertones. You can mix this with a darker shade, if you wish to. This shade looks very bright and nice on the cheeks, looks very fresh and summer-y.

• Multi-purpose product
• Mousse kind of texture which feels super lightweight
• Rich and intense pigmentation
• Velvety and powder matte finish
• Stays on for 6-7 hours.
• Settles beautifully on the cheeks
• Can be applied on the eyes too
• Travel friendly packaging
• Great for everyday wear

• May look cake-y if your lips are not moisturized well, or if you layer it too much
• All the tubes look the same irrespective of the shade, which is confusing if you own more than one shade
• Ingredients are not mentioned anywhere

Conclusion: Overall, this is a very versatile product which can be used in multiple ways and looks really nice in every way. The mousy matte texture feel super light on the lips. Great product for working women as they’re always on the go and one product can be used in different ways. Also, it’s a good product to carry when you’re travelling as one product can be used for different purposes.
Also, these lipsticks are highly pigmented and a very little goes a long way. Even on the lips, you might want to add only a little bit and avoid layering it too much as it has a mousy texture which can look a little weird if layered too much.
I really like using these on the cheeks as cream blushes too, as they give a really natural flush on the cheeks. Just make sure to blend really fast as it does settle dry within few seconds, so you might want to do one cheek at a time. Also, you don’t need to find a perfect blush color to match with your lips, you can just use this on both (Yayy!). You can wear this as tints too to give a stained and soft look, if you don’t want to go heavy on the lips.
The texture is good, the pigment is good, the staying power is good, and the shades are good. So, I would recommend these lip and cheek product for women who are looking for versatile lip colors. A little goes a long way so even the price is reasonable, as these are multi-purpose and will last you for a long time.

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