[Hacks] Rose Water Hacks And Uses

Now who doesn’t love roses? Be it its smell, its flavor, or the beauty benefits it offers! Rose water is a classic product that can be used in multiple ways.
Rose water is created by distilling rose petals with steam. Rose water is filled with natural benefits which helps in curing or helping a lot of skin and beauty related issues. Rose water is one of those versatile products that can be used by all skin types. It is a truly a magic water, packed with many uses. Let’s read some of its benefits for face & skin.

Rose Water for Face-

1. As a toner:
Rose water works the best in maintaining skin’s PH balance. It helps in controlling excess oil and unclogging your pores. Plus, it suits all skin types!

2. As a natural face mist:
Face mists are multi-taskers. Face mists helps in cleansing, toning and hydrating the skin, along with maintaining skin’s PH level. And spraying rose water on your face when you’re on the go and need to feel fresh, is definitely my favorite thing to do! Keeping a rose water handy in your bag helps a lot when you’re feeling dull and tired. A quick spray of rose water refreshes you like anything.

3. As a setting spray:
Rose water can also be used a mild setting spray on top of your makeup, it gives a natural dewy look as well.

4. As a makeup remover:
Make up removers have become a must-have product to get rid of all the makeup and junk on your face. But most of the makeup removers contain chemicals, alcohol etc. which can dry out our skin excessively.
Also, not every makeup remover suits people with sensitive skin.
The soothing properties in rose water makes it a gentle and mild makeup remover. You can mix the rose water with coconut oil, almond oil or a baby oil to make an effective makeup remover to get rid of stubborn or heavy makeup, while being gentle to your skin.

5. To de-puff your eyes:
The easiest way to fight under eye puffiness is giving it a cold compress with rose water. Place the rose water in refrigerator for a while, soak two cotton pads with rose water and place them on your eyes. It will instantly soothe the skin around your eyes, without irritating them at all.

The best thing about rose water is it instantly freshens you up, gives you an instant radiance, without causing any side effects or irritation to your skin. Rose water gives you a healthy glow and is amazing to boost your hydration game.

There are lot of Rose Waters that are available in market. But the key is to get your hands on the purest of them all.
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