Thursday, July 25, 2019

Product Name: NYX Professional Makeup Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray – Matte Finish & Dewy Finish

What are they: NYX setting sprays are a lightweight and comfortable setting sprays to make sure your makeup stays put. Available in Matte Finish & Dewy Finish, these sprays help in keeping your makeup looking fresh from day-to-night.  

Packaging & Price: Both of the variants come in a sturdy black plastic bottle with a spritzer and a plastic cap on top for protection. 

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How to use: After applying your makeup, give the bottle a few shakes, hold it about 6-8 inches away from your face, and spray it on your face 3-4 times. 

Contents & Features of the product (Matte Finish): The Matte Finish variant is especially for the oily skin type, to help in providing a matte finish to your makeup. The formula of this variant is majorly a mixture of water, glycol, niacinamide, and alcohol. 

Contents & Features of the product (Dewy Finish): The Dewy Finish variant is for the dry skin type, to help in giving a dewy finish to your makeup. The formula of this variant too is majorly a mixture of water, glycol, niacinamide, and alcohol. Also, these sprays are cruelty-free and vegan. 

Effects & My Experience (Matte & Dewy): Both of the setting spray liquids are color-less and has a slight odor to them due to alcohol content, but it stays only for seconds and doesn’t bother much. These setting sprays are super lightweight and evaporate within seconds upon spraying. The spritzers work fine and don’t budge your makeup at all. 

Matte Finish: I usually go for the matte finish one when I have a lot of cream products on my face. The setting spray does give a matte look but it can also make your skin feel a little dry due to the alcohol content in it, for which I would suggest applying a generous amount of moisturizer before putting on makeup. Your makeup stays put for about 6-7 hours, after applying this. 

Dewy Finish: So, most of the days I like my makeup and skin to have the dewy look. Plus, this variant comes in handy when you’re applying a lot of powder-based products, this spray kind of melts everything into place and gives a natural dewy glow finish. This variant too works decently in terms of longevity, but I did feel this one made my makeup last better than the matte finish one.  

Pros (for both):
Decently priced
Feels lightweight on the skin
Evaporates in seconds upon spraying
Doesn’t smudge your makeup upon spraying
Keeps your makeup in place for good 6-7 hours
3-4 sprays are enough to cover your entire face
Has two variants, according to skin type and the makeup finish
Vegan & cruelty-free formula

Cons (for both):
Contains alcohol

Conclusion: Overall both the setting sprays works decently and are a good option, if you’re looking for a setting spray according to your skin type, and makeup finish. They’re priced reasonably too, which is great. The sprays are super light on the skin, it doesn’t feel like another layer of product on the skin. The sprays keep your makeup in place for 6-7 hours. They do give you a matte and dewy finish, accordingly. I would recommend you to buy these if you’re looking for decent and budget setting sprays.

You can buy both of these products from the link/picture given below:


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